Türkiye Kendilik Psikolojisi : Anadolu Psikanalitik ve Psikanalitik Psikoterapiler Grubunda Yeniden Yapılanma

Reorganization in Anatolia Center of Psychonalaysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies in Turkey

Anatolia Center was established by Yavuz Erten and Allen Siegel in 1998. Group members were coming from different cities all around the Turkey as Istanbul, Ankara, Samsun, Malatya, Konya and Izmit. In the beginning there were 30-35 members in the group. The number of the members approached to 52 in time. In order to grow in healthier way and to continue education program more effectively, the group underwent a re-organization and changed to a closed group in 2002.

The education system in the group has different components. One of them is teleconferences and video conferences. The group members meet in Ankara or Istanbul and they communicate with teachers from America. The second component is e-supervision groups. There are 9 supervision groups in the group. Supervisors from Chicago Analysis Institute meet with their group members from Anatolia Center by e-mail. The third component of the system is visiting professors. The group invited 3-4 visiting professors in a year and they had a chance to have workshops with them.

The group members of Anatolia Center have different level of education and background. Some of them are highly experienced in this field and are working as teachers at different universities. Some others are still resident or in doctorate programs. They are all coming together around self psychology meetings and all members sitting side by side young or old, experienced or inexperienced to learn the theory and practice. The primary goal of the group is learning self psychology and practices it in their fields. Almost half of the group members are still taking or have just completed their psychoanalysis. The other members have different psychotherapy experiences like personal analysis or group psychotherapy. The members who have psychoanalysis experience are planning to join IPA school in Turkey soon. Five psychoanalysts from IPA visited Istanbul to meet candidates in February 2004. Some of the group members had chance to meet them. Some of the members will meet them during their next visits to Turkey.

There is a progress in this field in Turkey and also Anatolia group is in progress in time. These changes brought some new needs for group members. The group members have different aims for future. Some of them are planning to be an analyst and some other wants to work only at psychoanalytic psychotherapy field. There are very few members decided to quit this organization and to work at different areas like business.

Also there is another need for structure and management of the group with these changes. The group needed a new construction and more financial sources. The group members had discussion via internet and decided establish two executive committees in Istanbul and Ankara. There are 5-6 members in each committee. They both attached to Dr. Allen Siegel, the leader of the group. They are working together for several topics now. The group will be an association soon. The group members will be reevaluated and several new members will be accepted very soon. There will be some criteria for membership and new and old members will be meet to these criterias. One problem for executive committee and leader is that they are living in such locations very far from each other.  Members are planning to meet at chat rooms for their meetings in future. This may solve distance problem. This is still under construction. The committee will prepare education programs for all group members. This program should be suitable for all members of the group from different backgrounds and with different ideals.

One of the major problem is financial difficulties. The group members afforded many meetings with their own sources and sometimes drug companies helped them for visiting professors so far. Sometimes group did not invite professors due to financial problems. The group members are still trying to find sponsors for future organizations. Dr.Siegel visited Prof. Dr. Arman Kirim when he visited Istanbul last time. Prof. Dr. Kirim is a well known man who has a great professional experience in marketing in Turkey. He is working as a financial counselor for many national and international companies. Also he gives some lectures at this field to their managers. Dr.Kirim interested in Anatolia Group and Self Psychology. He agrees that psychotherapy education in Turkey should be supported by professionals. Dr. Siegel and Dr.Kirim are planning a self psychology congress in Istanbul either nationally or internationally in future.

Prof. Dr. Marian Tolpin will be next visitor of the group in September 2004. Form Sante, the well known Turkish magazine of health, wants to be sponsorship for her meeting. Dr. Tolpin will have a workshop with Anatolia group members and she is planning to meet with other professionals in mental health and to have a public meeting.

Sibel Mercan, MD