• In October 1998 after a week of face-to-face education with Allen Siegel in Turkey, we continued meeting him on the phone once every six weeks on Sunday mornings.
  • The education continued with video conferences and e-supervisions given by nine psychotherapists from Institute for Psychoanalysis of Chicago. Allen and Renee Siegel came once or twice a year to Turkey for self psychology educations.
  • Allen Siegel has also arranged for visiting professors to come to Turkey, namely Paul Ornstein Anna Ornstein Arnold Goldberg Connie Goldberg Joseph Lichtenberg David Solomon Brenda Solomon Ruth Gruenthal Chris Ioannidis Dorienne Sorter
  • 2003. IAPSP Psychoanalytic Self Psychology Conference at Chicago (November 6-9).
  • Fifteen Turkish people hosted by senior faculty members’ houses and in every day one conference had been held by Arnold Goldberg; Ernst Wolf, Marianne Tolpin, Paul Ornstein, and Anna Ornstein.
  • “Learning Self Psychology in Turkey” was presented by İrem Anlı, Yavuz Erten, Sibel Mercan, Allen Siegel, Alper Şahin, Ayşe Özalkuş Şahin, Melis Tanık, Nilgün Taşkıntuna, and Verda Tüzer at IAPSP Conference in Chicago
  • 2005-2010. APPA faced many challenges.
  • In 2004 IPA has started to get organized officially in Turkey. Therapists willing to take classical education became candidates for membership of IPA. İstanbul IPA’s strict rules of banning any connections with psychoanalytic self psychology, as well as decisions of the founder and some executive members of APPA to leave the group for classical psychoanalysis training brought APPA almost to a termination. Therefore, some members of the group chose to follow different approaches to psychotherapy, and left the group.
  • Living in different cities was yet an obstacle, and financial difficulties were hard to solve.
  • In 2006, as a result of Allen Siegel’s enormous efforts, The Institute for Psychoanalysis of Chicago has started a “two year course of study in psychoanalytic psychotherapy” distance learning program for a group of 15 members. This was an enormously creative and developing intervention to the oncoming crises and it helped to soothe the heartaches of some members who were resisting to become psychoanalytic self psychologists.
  • First overseas conference of IAPSP at Antalya, Turkey, 2010.
  • One of Turkish colleagues as became a member of IAPSP Oversea conference in Antalya
  • A panel was organized arounds a case from Turkey by Göver Kazancioğlu. A paper was presented by a member from APPD;
    • Kazancioğlu, G. F. (2012). An adolescent journey: Filling the void with sound. International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology, 7(2), 13-230.
    • Rugancı, R. N. (2012). When the shadow of Turkish hero falls upon a child. International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology, 7(2), 249-263
  • 2013. As a response to crises the localization of association has been transferred from İstanbul to Ankara with full support of Allen Siegel and Zeynep Atbaşoğlu.
  • 2013-2018. Second Generation in Ankara; Rising from the Ashes

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